April Astro Reading

The April card pull was definitely a different experience then the last month. I’ve read cards for a few years, but never to this capacity: reading for so many diverse energies at one time. A lot of similar messages came through for different signs… repeating patterns that reminded me we are all of one collective frequency, especially riding the wave of a new season. There were many times I second guessed myself, spent a good chunk of time resetting my boundaries and rechecking in with my original intention. Even when I managed to get moments of momentum, I’d burn out quickly and find a way to reorient. This is Aries energy to me: on our way to the fiery peaks of Pitta season, but for now we’re just starting to work our way out of the ground. There will be activations to help us get going, but we also have some work to do before we achieve a steady flow. Enjoy the shift: in due time we’ll be in the excitement of summer, so enjoy this leisurely pace of getting ready before we hit it full steam ahead.


Collective Spread

Cultivate your fire with care..


General Month Ahead for All Readers:

Lamb ∞ The Chariot ∞ Red Amethyst

Unsurprisingly, the collective read for the month of April came up similar to the pull for our Aries Sun and Aries Rising readers. That’s because we’ve started a new year in astrological terms, and Aries is the frontrunner on this turn of the wheel. As this fiery energy ignites a new momentum in our lives, we can use this next month to reinvigorate our new year’s intentions, make any necessary changes, and ensure that whatever held us back in the past; does not dictate how we expand into the future. The Chariot advises strength and resilience on the journey; to maintain a strong footing so we don’t get swept up off our feet when life rapidly starts moving forward. The Lamb is a message to take intentional moments of stillness to check in with our intuition and make sure we are heading in the right direction before we get carried way. It is those times when we get quiet, and recognize the sound of our own guidance steering the course, that we are able to integrate the lessons we’ve been learning to make the right decisions for our future.


Aries & Aries Rising

Imagine how far you’ll grow..


Aries and Aries Rising Read:

Unicorn ∞ The Chariot ∞ Petrified Wood

You are at home in your sign for the majority of this month Ram, and the vibes are high. Similarly to the collective read, you are encouraged to utilize willpower to forge your path and blaze forward with courage. While Petrified Wood is advised to help you stay grounded, the Unicorn is granting permission to open your mind and imagine what’s possible if you truly believe. No one ever really knows what’s around the bend, but by envisioning a beautiful landscape: maybe, just maybe, you’ll get to experience your very own fairytale coming true. With goals built on a stable foundation, and ideas inspired from strong and sovereign roots, you will always be triumphant in your conquests, Aries. You will always be walking the right path to make all of your wildest dreams come true.

55624262_413516169215171_4584374918392578048_n (1).jpg

Taurus &

Taurus Rising

Embrace the ripeness of a new beginning…


Taurus and Taurus Rising:

Earthworm ∞ Two of Wands ∞ Rhodonite

This is new territory Taurus, but not only are you on the right path, you’ve also done a lot of work to get yourself to this point. it’s time to believe in your capability and make good on your commitments. Don’t be afraid of being vulnerable, you’ll find that your greatest accomplishments, and most profound healings, arise from being open and honest with yourself. The earthworm and the two of wands both point to the beginning of a new, but solid venture. Be kind with your thoughts, embrace all the fertile new growth you’ve been cultivating, and when things get tricky: let those that you trust support you. Your past doesn’t dictate your future, so liberate yourself from the limited scope you thought life would be, and start moving forward. Rhodonite is an offering of forgiveness, a friend that helps you let go of that heavy load you’ve been carrying and recognize how much easier it is to maneuver without it. It’s time to blossom, don’t let anything hold you back now.


Gemini & Gemini Rising

Allow your roots to help you rise..


Gemini and Gemini Rising:

Wolf ∞ Judgement ∞ Petrified Wood

The message for the Gemini’s was clear. April could be revolutionary for your relationships, and especially those most closest to you. Changes will likely be a result of personal liberations discovered by cultivating a new relationship with yourself. In your heart, you know that only you can heal your own pain, only you can elevate to your highest good. Start to embrace what has happened in the past as a tool to make you stronger rather than a weight you have to always carry. Holding grudges means you’re still having to hold something, and wouldn’t it be better for everyone if you just decided to let it go? Both the Wolf and offering of Petrified Wood speak to your ancestry: the pack that you’ve come from… the community that has made you who you are. You belong to something, somewhere and it is worth it to reconnect with your roots so that you can recognize how far you’ve grown. Look to where you came from, it will help guide you where you’re going.


Cancer & Cancer Rising

Follow the ancient wisdom held within the heart space…


Cancer and Cancer Rising

Turtle ∞ The Empress ∞ Red Amethyst

The saying, “Home is where the heart is…” rings true for Cancer this month. This isn’t referring to the literal foundation of your house, but instead speaks to a knowing that, no matter where you go: it’s the places and people of the hearts yearnings that hold the true meaning of coming home. It is your passion that encourages a venture into the wild unknown, it is your instincts that create new opportunities for leadership. Each start is an opportunity for evolution and it is the experience of the journey that shapes your life, rather than the finish line that you are heading to. Connect to the places and the people that are nurturing and filling: get outside… adventure with those who you love the most. Reengage with your life and find ways to keep that stoke alive until the end of the year.


Leo & Leo Rising

Courage lies in being transparent about the journey…


Leo and Leo Rising

Oyster ∞ Daughter of Pentacles ∞ Iolite Sunstone

Following a dream is inspirational. Having the chutzpah:- the supreme courage to believe in yourself, is an ignition that will light many fires to come. Keep in mind, though, that it takes work to keep a fire burning. It takes dedication to continue cultivating your passionate flame. You have something special to share, Leo, but it will require your full participation in the vision, and whole hearted commitment to believing in yourself and your dreams for the future. You’re a leader in the revolutionary, even if you don’t see yourself quite yet at the forefront. Your bravery will continue to show others how to push past their fears, and encourage them also to stand up for what they believe in. It’s okay to be vulnerable about being a beginner: the fact that you’ve even started is further then some people will ever get. With your keen perception, you will pave a path that people trust, but you must commit to working your way one step at a time.


Virgo & Virgo Rising

Your growth is showing…


Virgo and Virgo Rising

Dolphin ∞ Ace of Wands ∞ Sugilite

Such harmony in your reading dear Virgo! This next month appears to be abundant with life… fertile for all new growth from you and around you. Kim Krans points to an incoming blessing or birth on the horizon in both The Dolphin and Ace of Wands descriptions. Suglite and The Dolphin both encourage a deep dive into the watery depths of your being to discover your personal treasures. The message has been clear the last two months- you have the power to create magic and miracles, so make sure you are acting with right intention, and don’t catch the big wave until you know exactly how you plan to ride it. If you miscarry your power, from a place of pain rather than ownership, you reap the possibility of generating more harm than good in your own life and the delicate ecosystem around you.


Libra & Libra Rising

Let your intuition guide your true calling…


Libra and Libra Rising

Unicorn ∞ Son of Wands ∞ Mica

Libras, you are fired up this month: putting your heart and soul into a new and heartfelt vision. The Son of Wands enthusiastically chases a dream that is exciting, but none the less, like the Unicorn: elusive. The Son of Wands often reminds us of libra’s outgoing optimism… your charismatic demeanor can convince anyone that you’re on the right path, even if you don’t fully know where you are going. So grow with the flow this month. Even if something doesn’t turn out to be exactly what it seems, things happen to redirect your course in the right direction. Chalk up each new lesson as an opportunity: life happening for you rather than to you. You are on to something here, Libra, so open yourself up to each new opportunity and use your imagination to finish the mission. Mica supports you to find your true calling, and you will surely make that shit happen.


Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

A strong weave can hold bountiful blessings…


Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

Cheetah ∞ Eight of Pentacles ∞ Scolecite

Look at you Scorpio- crafting up a beautiful life of your own making… enlivening it with your energy and original flare. If you remember a moment in the past month, where you got very quiet and still with your own thoughts, and maybe heard a message encouraging you to sow deep seeds so that life’s erosion and necessary changes don’t hold you back from continuing your growth. That was your own magic foretelling the coming month when you get to see this new web you’ve woven of your life. When you witness the fountain of your wellspring overflowing with all the new things coming into your world right now. Put all the remaining pieces together, decide what is in alignment with the greater vision, and determine how your purpose and passion can continue to be the driving force that will make your wildest dreams come true.


Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

Learn the lyrics of your heart, then sing that truth from the rooftops…


Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising

Nightingale ∞ Father of Swords ∞ Fuchsite

Fuchsite and the Nightingale both came with messages to reconnect with the heart, reunite it with the logistics of the mind and the healing power of the voice, respectively. As you head into March Sag, learn to trust your own intuition and recognize that any problems you might be facing are ones that you’ve already seen from all angels. Instead of trying to think your way out of it, feel into the right thing to do. Trust yourself to speak up for what you believe in and what you know to be true about the world from your expanded point of view. When your emotions are aligned with your vision, you’ll be singing the song of a beautiful life that everyone around you gathers to listen to.


Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

Sometimes magic is only seen through the eyes of its creator.


Capricorn and Capricorn Rising

Zebra ∞ Nine of Pentacles ∞ Agatized Shell

It would appear to the outside eye that you haven’t made a whole lot of changes since this time last month (when your March forecast was a similar read of Zebra and 10 of Pentacles), but let’s look at it from another point of view: yours. Do you feel different than last month Cap? That maybe, even if your life didn’t go through a revolution, you still feel quite different then you did just four weeks ago? Lavish Energy describes the Agatized Shell as a messenger of protection, a talisman of support. You are re-cultivating your life, after a month that maybe took you out of the game, and it’s okay for that to take time. Recognize how necessary last month actually was to rediscover what truly brings happiness into your life and joy into your home. Give these next few weeks your upmost care and attention. It is actually the epitome of work you love to do: finding new ways to connect, and create stability and sustainability for you and your loved ones. Take your next action in true Capricorn style, weaved with a lot of fun and for the good of everyone involved.

55831582_2497878290246263_7718550328244699136_n (1).jpg

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

Ride your intuition into the wild freedom of your heart space..

Aquarius and Aquarius Rising

Horse ∞ The High Priestess ∞ Rose Quartz

The Horse and the High Priestess read is very much like experiencing the fiery Aries energy stoked by the winds of Aquarius momentum… having to find balance between the yearning to be wild and free like the Horse, while still having an important responsibility to the current stillness that is the High Priestess. When the two are together, balanced and working well with one another… we witness the mystical priestess mounting the gallantly strong horse. Prepared to ride for a divine purpose of heartfelt integrity. That’s the magic that this Aries energy has in store for you. Rose Quartz is encouraging you to let love guide the way, and continue to come back to your own direct knowing and intuitive wisdom. Think about times when you felt most in your power. That is the energy that can be cultivated if you direct your passion, trust it to drive you, and then set it free to run wild.


Pisces & Pisces Rising

You are the elixir for temperate roads ahead…


Pisces & Pisces Rising

Fire Ant ∞ Temperance ∞ Wolframite

Temperance and the Fire Ant are both indicators of moderation. If the heat of this month is getting to you Pisces, then you must consistently find ways to cool yourself down. Regular cleansing and soothing will be beneficial, so engage in yin activities like meditation, restorative yoga, and/or a relaxing bath that will invoke lunar energies into your life. Direct your alone time to redefine your vision and discover new ways to tap into your will. Wolframite supports you in those softer hours, when you make space to dream up your reality and take time to be with the quieter voices of your spirit. Find the tools to ignite your fire in a way that is more sustainable and doesn’t burn you out so quickly. Whatever you need to find that balance Pisces, remember that the yin element of water is your gift to help you through any rough times ahead.

Decks used for this reading:

The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck

The Wild Unknown Spirit Animal Deck

Lavish Energy- Crystal Affirmation Deck

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