March Astro Reading

Astrology is e a powerful tool to see how the macro energy of the cosmos aligns with the human happenings of our individual, microcosmic, journey. This year we’ve already witnessed a lot of “synchronicities” in how our planets are lining up with our regularly scheduled programming- the western calendar. Cosmic interference & existential support are amplifying the collective energy as we ebb and flow through the first months of this year, and the trend continues over the next few weeks… Early on in March we have a creative new moon in Pisces, Venus shifting into Aquarius, and Mercury going retrograde… and so it begins. Then halfway down the line we see a full moon on the same day the sun moves into the fires of Aries and we all experience an Equinox of either spring or fall depending on where you are in the world.. rounding out the month with a bang.

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Below you will find a reading for the month of March for each astrological sign. Of course it is biased: in that it is one individual channel of interpretation and writing, but it is also sincerely honest in that a read with great care and sincere intention can support each and every person who reads this on the journey ahead. I truly believed in the cards and am trusting my intuition on this one. The spirit guided question: how can each one of us, influenced by the great cosmos of astrology, be our best selves, so that we can each participate in creating the best possible version of this world- together.

General Month Ahead for All Readers:

Six of Wands & Owl

This month, we in the western hemisphere, are beginning to shake off the cob webs of our winter hibernation and begin to emerge with the growing light of the sun. Many of us have experienced some pretty profound ‘dark nights of the soul’ this past season. Even if you haven’t been on a specific journey into the shadowy depths, we can all agree that the winter months are a good time for the inner work of deep contemplation… when we are encouraged to stay indoors, sit with ourselves, listen, and receive. A time to cocoon, if you will. The six of wands is a hopeful card of the imminent rising, the inevitable flight ahead, as we physically awaken from the darkness and experience more light. The owl is symbolic of the profound wealth we acquire by gaining wisdom. An animal of the night, the owl tells us that we have already learned so much through our pilgrimage into the mystery. We are so much wiser then before this journey began, and everything we have gone through along the way has been preparing us for what’s to come. So have no fear. March is a blessing, a large breath of fresh air. No more dwelling on what was, but instead look to the horizon and witness the powerful light growing in the sky. We are the beauty dawning with the sun.


Collective Spread

Owl & Six of Wands

Aries and Aries Rising:

The Emperor & Earthworm

The Emperor, often associated with Aries, offers the stability of the father and the sun… dependable and secure, he/she is a fiery leader who is passionate and driven. You may find yourself in new territory this month: the earthworm represents new beginnings and working your way from the ground up. As the days begin to lengthen, and we find our way towards spring, be intentional with what direction you’re heading. It is okay to take this month one day at a time, balancing your fiery nature with some intentional practices to ground. Take some time to put your feet on the earth, draw your strength from root to rise. Your innate nature will carry you through the crossroads while you navigate new spaces and take ownership of new roles you are stepping into. Be patient with yourself and try not to force anything to happen before its ready. You got this.

Taurus and Taurus Rising:

7 of wands & Crocodile

You have been receiving signs for a while that it is time to start trusting your gut and following your intuition, and this month is your opportunity to really do something about that. You are the only who knows what’s best for you. It is time to start listening to your heart and making choices that truly support your future. The crocodile is a messenger to take your energy back! To spend some time resting, rejuvenating, and refilling your reserves so that when the time is right to take the next steps… you will trust yourself enough to make the right decisions. Believe in your capabilities, dear Taurus. Your grounding energy may sometimes feel inflexible, but by softening into a routine of self care, you can bring organic movement back into your daily grind. One that feels natural and productive. Take your life back into your own hands. It’s all up to you.

Gemini and Gemini Rising:

Mother Of Cups & Elk

The mother of cups and the father of the earth animals has a message for you… while both are at similar stages of their lives, father and mother, they often understand life circumstance from very different angles. Such is the journey of the Gemini: two forces of energy, unique to their own, but walking a path together hand in hand. The dualistic power, is a gift of both charm and mystique, but conflicts can arise when the corresponding natures weave their own tale. The wholistic vision of the Gemini becomes lost to victimhood of their own circumstance. You are so in tune this month with the psychic powers of the mind, that sometimes you may feel misguided about what is real and what isn’t .. It will serve you well to connect with your most grounded nature. As you become more activated in the upper chakras, find a practice that takes you deep into the layers of the lower three- root, sacral, and solar. Always sending the heart energy into all spaces with your intention. Find a way to plant your roots strong so as you grow into a better you, your life becomes a dance of trees swaying in the wind: flexible, moving, but never breaking. This month you’ll access more, make sure you have a way to ground down all this new and important information.

Cancer and Cancer Rising

Judgement & Peacock

March looks to be a particularly influential month for you, Cancer. You’ve come to a point on the journey where its time to stand up and take ownership of who you are and how far you’ve come. Free yourself from whatever blame has been holding you back keeping you small, and rise up into your full potential. The world will never see how truly special you are, until you are ready to show us all the many various layers that make you so uniquely beautiful. Your past is part of your story, crab. Let it empower you and give you strength. There is no need to fear forgiveness, you don’t need to be afraid of letting go. This month is an opportunity to put all the pieces of yourself back together, or maybe realize that in actuality- you have been doing that work for some time now. Reward yourself for your efforts. You are a masterpiece, Cancer. Release the belief that you don’t deserve to be seen for all that you truly are.

Leo and Leo Rising

Justice & Black Egg

Abundant March will be rich in opportunities for self-expression, Leo. Make sure you are sharing from the truth of your own experience and communicating from a place of deep authenticity. People are listening, so use the spotlight as divine intervention to raise the vibration and amplify love into the collective frequency. Choices have consequences, actions create karma, and this month you will be asked time and time again to speak up, stand up, and use your lioness flare to make a difference in your world. Clear the channel of the throat chakra, have conversations with your breath to connect with intuition. Be very aware of what contracts you are saying yes to: remember that a verbal agreement is an energetic bind, and can often carry more influence then a paper with a signature. Become so genuine in what you stand for, that you are ready and waiting to take a stand when the universe beckons you to show up and speak up. Time to share your light, Leo.

Virgo and Virgo Rising

Four of Swords & Whale

Permission to take an entire month of self care Virgo. You have been riding a quick and sometimes aggressive wave and March is your time to get quiet, go inwards, and deep dive into the more mysterious currents of darkness and solitude. You might be feeling the tension on all sides, but the only thing to do in this situation is to become your own beacon of peace. Relearn yourself… reawaken the profound healing wisdom that is rooted in the most ancient memories of your soul. You have all the answers you seek, waiting for you to acknowledge them. Ready to hold you and embrace you with more love, more truth, and more of the pure essence of who you really are. Find solace in self care, strength in meditation, and so much compassion for all that you have already overcome on the journey.

Libra and Libra Rising

Father of Pentacles & Gazelle

This month you’re finding your flow as you hustle for a dream that brings balance to every area of your life. You know know that you’re capable of making it happen, but hesitation is a normal part of the process, especially with societal norms constantly telling us we’re not worthy of making our way doing what we love. It is a domineering voice of fearful leadership that doesn’t favor the unique mind, outspoken voice, and entrepreneurial way. Trust your instincts, Libra, and don’t be afraid of what people are saying. The truth is, most are admiring you for putting yourself out there: inspired by your courage and intuitive drive. When the mind starts running rampant, stirred by anxiety and vulnerability, engage in a practice that slows you down. Connecting with activities that feed your soul and nurture your body. Get out in nature, sleep in, move the body, or simply just take a moment to close your eyes and breathe deeply. You got this libra, you always do.

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

Son of Cups & Sea Serpent

Perfectly in your water element Scorpio, Pisces season is feeling more familiar and homey. As you move into the currents of march, allow it to awaken your creative potential. Dive forward into artistic endeavors and rekindle the passionate relationship you have with this abundant energy. Take some time in March to get back to your craft. Your ingenuity is fertile, so nurture the growth and allow yourself to blossom. The water element is your gift, Scorpion. Claim it. Allow it to cleanse you, heal you, and awaken you to everything that you truly are. This month is beckoning you to refill your cup until it overflows into the wellspring of your life. Reflect, introspect, and embrace the emotional waves. March will be bountiful, so create more beauty, more love, and more respect for your infinite potential.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising

The Lovers & Spider

This month highlights the importance of your intimate affairs. Reminding you that your partnerships and relationships must be a strong, supportive thread in the vast intricate weaving of your life. Take an intentional look at the people you surround yourself with. Recognize which ones are lifting you up and helping make your web more stable, and who is leaving some big empty holes: voids that weigh you down and leave you feeling insecure. Nurture the connections that make you feel good… spend this month basking in the flow of relationships that are truly loving and supportive. Always remind yourself how fun it is to have a partner walking beside you on your journey, and to never take a moment like this for granite. Squeeze the friendly hands holding your own as you follow your path, make sure they know how much you truly appreciate the ones who have helped you find your way.

Capricorn and Capricorn Rising

10 of Pentacles & Zebra

The cards are forecasting a good month ahead for you, dear Capricorn. Rounding out the journey of the pentacles signifies fulfillment in the familiar element of earth. Caps innately bear this grounding energy, and the pentacle suit is a messenger of material worth and how stable we feel on this earthly plane. It looks like March will be a beautiful reminder of all you can achieve when you’re on the right path and taking action that supports you on the way.. It’s time to expand your vision and open your heart to all that is possible when you are in a good place in your life and trusting yourself to take care of your needs. Find a routine that supports you to feel grounded, but not stuck: stable, but not incapable. You have the ability to create everything you’ve ever dreamed of, so find ways to be inspired, and stoke your actions with your passions. Remember that your life is a masterpiece, and you are the artist bringing it all into being.

Aquarius and Aquarius Rising

The World & Snake

Just when you find yourself at the end of a journey, feeling fulfilled and complete in your mission: you remember that nothing is ever truly ending, but instead propelling you into the next phase of your evolution. That is the message of this next month, Aquarius. You have come so far, accomplished so much, but just as the Ouroboros symbolizes the continued cycles of life, you must always be prepared and ready for what’s waiting for you on the other side. The snake is a powerful symbol of your potential to awaken more and more to the truth of who you are. Shed your old skins and transform your outdated and limiting beliefs. You have attained great wisdom through this journey and you have acquired so many more tools. Remember you have all you need to for the next turn in the road. March is your month of fulfillment. Tap into the magic that lives inside your sheaths and unfurl the potential of your soul.

Pisces and Pisces Rising

8 of Pentacles & Dragonfly

We are all experiencing the whimsical vibes of the Pisces season, and you dear one are using this elusive time to light up your creative potential and conjure some very specific magic in your life. Pay close attention to your dreams, and recognize the power of the subconscious mystery to awaken new gifts and provide unique insights. Dedicating your waking hours to the craft that holds the most meaning to you. As the mind ebbs and flows this month in and out of awareness, it is your purpose and your passion that will keep you coming back to the things that matters most. You will discover those activities that not only bring fulfillment to your life, but also to all those you encounter on the path ahead. The dragonfly, ever-moving, may be symbolic of the mind feeling pulled in many different directions. Recognize when you experience lucidity in your movement, when the clarity feels natural even when things are shifting. That is your genius, and you are so close to mastery.

Decks used for this reading:

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