Sacred Sacral

How's everyone doin out there? Anyone else feeling this collective clearing happening around their sacral chakra? I've been experiencing it the last two weeks or so, electrified by this full moon eclipse wave we're riding. Not just in my own body either, but also in the various fields of energy bodies I've been working with, and I’ve heard other practitioners echo similar readings...

A lot is moving through this sacral space: old memories resurfacing, wounds breaking open, our emotions asking for attention and deeper healing. Energetically speaking, this chakra is home to the element of water, and choreographs how harmoniously we go with the flow. It is the realm of our relationships and our emotions: those deep wells of feelings that undulate with everything and everyone that we are in relation with. It is also the space of creation and expansion: for all human beings. The energy that allows us to grow more then just our offspring, but also ALL of the seeds of our intentions and inspirations. The sacral chakra is what holds and nourishes our ideas until we are ready to birth them into the world.


Sacral Chakra | Sea Serpent

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I’m sensing major trauma coming up for evacuation. I'm talking: stuff from this life, but also a lot of past life stuff moving as well. Some of it is our own, but a lot of it is ancestral and collective wounding that we are actively clearing as a macrocosm. I know most are experiencing it in the 3D realm, and for me it is also increasingly apparent while in deep meditation and dreaming states. Old relationships have been resurfacing for people, both good and bad. There’s been a general feeling of overwhelm and anxiety thats left a lot not feeling like themselves. Exhausting emotions of unworthiness and sadness have also been weighing heavily. Some of us have also been experiencing pain in the physical body of the sacral chakra as well: low back, sciatica & psoas flares. Lower belly cramps and womb pain, stiff hips and creaky joints. Full on clearings of the greater energetic channel with vomiting and no appetite to take in food. I’ve also, personally, been noticing a stagnation in my own creativity and an inability to flow with a more aligned rhythm.

The good news, though, is that all of this is coming up to be PURGED. To move the energy up and out of the sacral container for good. A rapid and potent squeegeeing of older, denser energy so that this next wave of expansion can open our portals of creative force. The seeds we have been planting will soon be (and some already are) receiving more & more room to grow with this amplification, so lets be courageous in our action of release, and create some intentional space for the prana to move. We have to let the old stuff go with this flow.


Energetic Care

You can support your energy body in a lot of really simple ways:

Spend some time putting your hands on your lower belly. Close your eyes and take a couple long, slow and intentional deep breathes through the nose. Your hands have their own smaller energy grids that extend from the center of the heart. Give yourself your own medicine by holding loving intentions in your mind and putting your hands on your body with an affirmation of healing. Be open to movement, allow yourself to feel. You might even say to yourself:

“I am free to let go. I move with the flow. I am ready to grow.”

It's a nice practice to lay down on some padding, with your spine on the floor and feet planted, knees bent. Hands can again be on the belly, as you begin to feel into a few mindful, supine pelvic tilts. Windshield wiper your knees, butterfly them open and closed, draw them in circles around your body. Twist, and release. Soften. Flow with the rhythm of your breath. Move gently. This is a moving meditation, so allow yourself time & space to soothe the sacral chakra and enjoy movements and moments that feel good.


Herbal Support

Herbs that support the sacral chakra (check with your doctor for questions):

ginger, cardamom, nettles

cinnamon, red clover, orange peel,

chamomile, hibiscus, angelica root.

In general warm and soothing herbs.

Give nourishment and space to your body so it is fertile for all the seeds about to bloom. Just like the earth is seeding its soil, recognize that you are also now growing your dreams and expanding your energy. Take the time you need, and then start doing. Do all the things that make you feel really good. Allow yourself to play, and explore… be curious, and fluid. Begin cultivating the ways in which you are looking to blossom. What have you been growing your wings for? Where do you want to dive more into your own craft? Start stoking that fire. There's a lot of good we can all do when we've nurtured our bodies and followed a path that feeds us more of our own good energy. In this practice we begin to emit a more positive vibration (vibe) that is felt within the COLLECTIVE frequency. So ground your energy. Do what you need to do to feel more like yourself. And then open up to accepting that spark in your sacral field. We will all soon be able to hold more of the electricity that fires our creative bodies. So care for the is energy now, while all this old stuff is clearing out new space for us to grow into, and then be ready for full speed ahead. May we all expand with the rays of the coming sun.


Grow Where You Flow