I am looking for...

Light | dark. Shadow | illumination.

A kaleidoscopic fractal of time and space and yet… here we are, now. To be seen, is to see. To have the grandeur that looks past- the one way, and sees all ways. Witness the potential universality that expands, everywhere. Projected from all angles, all perspectives. With respect to the greater views because we’ve also been at the bottom: where we all start, where we all end. Without knocking it down to reach the top: we climb. And when we lose light, we retreat. It is the ebb and flow of evolution. Natural progression. To be constantly going, growing, living, shedding, dying, and then reborn as something | else. It is this cataclysm that keeps the world spinning. It is that truth that keeps all things true. So let us not forget to honor the journey… the in-between that is nothing, but yet all things. Find solace in moments with shadow as a translucent expression of the soul's experience. It is this intimacy with self that ignites the inspiration of illumination. The two dancing a colorful expression of the world that lives within… as just a fractal of the whole world that exists without. We are everything we are looking for, and none of it. 



I am

Looking for…