New Moon Invocation

An invocation to creator, the source of all that is

I ask that you be in my heart, where true intention lives

Within my heart’s a blessing, that’s only yours to give

I call forth unto you great one, the spirit that outlives


I ask you to release me, of what no longer serves

To cleanse my auric body, for the freedom to rebirth

The strength to change my story, when I’m ready to move on

For restful, cosmic dreaming, to awaken with new dawn

For opportune abundance, to live my life with care

I ask you dear creator, please listen to my prayer

Deliver me the tools, I require to make change

Lead me to my mentors, fulfill our true exchange

Bless me with authentic voice, broad range of ears to hear

Inspire me to light my way, illuminate my fears

Support me in the shadow realms, hold space for me to grow

Harmonize my melody, and dance within my flow

I call you in divine one, I can’t do it on my own

I need you through my journeys of Maiden, Mother, Crone

Hold me in your loving gaze, I blossom from this earth

I’m here now to release my dreams, I’m ready to give birth

I’m ready to heal others, as the world as helped heal me

Serving those around me, collaging wings to free

I receive messages and guidance, from my team that’s up above

Surrendering to my best self, please shower me in love

I thank you for the wisdom, for my dreams to now take flight

Adorning me in blessed bliss, intuitive insight

I thank you for experience, the gift of shedding tears

For laughter and for sacred sight, ordaining me as seer

The gift of true connection, for nature and for joy

My genius of creation, for my power to destroy


I thank you great creator, the source of all that is

My moving prayer has now been cast, so it is and so it is