Who can benefit?

Wellness of the mind, body AND spirit is a rare commodity these days. Most of us have struggled with a physical ailment, sadness/depression, or a lack of purpose/passion/energy at certain points of our life. We all come up against  life events that disrupt our daily routine or our physical and mental status quo.  The National Wellness Institute describes seven dimensions of wellness, Physical, Social, Intellectual, Spiritual, Emotional, Occupational. If you answer yes to any of the questions below - you could benefit from this approach.

✦ Occupational: Are you dissatisfied with your current state of employment?
✦ Emotional: Are you feeling sad, depressed, anxious, or maybe just not feeling like yourself?
✦ Spiritual: Are you missing a sense of the bigger picture?
✦ Intellectual: How about feeling mentally stimulated or challenged?
✦ Social: A lack of communication or community in your life? Do you feel lonely?
✦ Physical: What's going on with your body? Are there ways you could be showing your body more love?
✦ Environmental: Are you missing the connection to your environment? Do you wish you were taking more responsibility for your surroundings? Would you like to take steps to make positive contributions to the betterment of our world?