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Prescription ∞ The WheelHouse


Chakra Wellness

Chakra- Energy centers of the subtle body where our life force accumulates and does its magic. These energies show up in anatomical terms, as well as in our moods and general life circumstances

From root to rise, we will read into the core energetic centers of your body and life, and construct a prescription for each of the seven chakras. For each layer, we may find answers for clearing, healing, resolution, inspiration, or confirmation. Working with seven dimensions of wellness, this prescription offers seven unique messages to change your vibration.

Your download will include a seven card reading for each chakra, my interpretation and recommendations, and resources for further exploration.

Upon purchase in the notes section please include:

  • Your first name and last initial

  • Birthday

  • Your specific question if you’d like my translation to be intentionally guided, or you can simply write “General Guidance” and just be open to receiving the message however it comes through. 
    Make an agreement to yourself that you are willing to receive this reading with an open mind and an open heart, acknowledging that you are the sole creator of your journey, and that this offering is simply a tool to help you along the way.

  • You will receive a PDF in your email within 5 business days that includes a photo of your reading and my intentional interpretation.

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