I'm discovering my purpose by taking an intentional survey of my past. The idea for "Wellness Weaver" grew from an in-depth observation of my last 28 years here on earth. I concluded that my entire life has been a study of health and wellness: priming me, from a very young age, for therapeutic conversations, holistic advocacy, and community outreach.

I was born of healers. I grew up studying to become one. My father was a doctor, my mother a speech therapist. I watched them treat the sick and rehabilitate the injured. It made even more sense to follow in their footsteps after I was diagnosed with a chronic health condition at age 12: an auto-immune disease called Ulcerative Colitis. Accepting this dis-ease, as an integral part of my story, has allowed me to support others by learning how to support myself. My passion, my purpose, has always been wellness work. My life circumstance provided me an inside look into living with a chronic illness. In school, I directed my attention to community health, health promotion, and behavioral sciences. My individual interests focused on communication, spirituality, mindfulness, intuitive eating, and uncovering new and innovative wellness endeavors.  By reading, researching, writing, and studying everything I could get my hands on, I redirected my life force, both personally and professionally, to living well.

If you open to the transformation... darkness turns to liberation

If you open to the transformation... darkness turns to liberation

Over time, my deepest wounding suddenly became my greatest ally. I discovered incredible freedom, unforeseen liberation, as I awakened to my own gifts of healing. As I reclaimed my power by becoming my very own medicine woman. My personal experiences became an anchor, grounding my intensive studies into real world perspectives: teaching me the art of relating authentic compassion. To grow my toolkit, I certified as a health and wellness coach, yoga instructor, Ayurvedic lifestyle consultant, and energy worker. I have spent over 16 years, directing my energy and passion into learning how to heal myself, and using that acquired wisdom to guide others on their own unique path to restoration. I'm still learning, and I'm also thriving.

Weaving my own story of healing from the very beginning: I created this platform to share my findings and lessons learned along the way. I know that through this offering, I can reach new levels of awareness in my own sacred self-care.  I once lived by the advocacy, "Heal yourself to heal the world." However, a recent medicine ceremony uncovered a new plot twist to my timeline. The message now lives as, "Heal the world to heal yourself." This is exactly what I intend to do: as a guide, a coach, a mentor, and a friend. As a woman using her word as her wand, to do well and to be well, I am the Wellness Weaver. 


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BS Community Health Sciences, MPH Health Promotion and Behavioral Sciences, Health and Wellness Coach (WCA), Registered Yoga Instructor, Lightworker, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consulting, Lifestyle Medicine Coach

For a more in-depth explanation of my wellness experience see my essay: resuME