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Grounded Embodied Ritual

  • Soma Space 4050 Northeast Broadway Street Portland, OR, 97232 United States (map)

Wednesday 6- 7:15 PM (March 6- April 3)

This day and age, we spend most of our energy in the upper chakras, processing and understanding most things in the mind. We think our way through the world, reason our way through the ebbs and flows of human experience. This leaves most of us ungrounded, disconnected, and divided from the holistic system that is our body, mind, and spirit working together as one. By directing our life force into computers, phones and television, our channel is constantly funneling everyone else's 'stuff' and not leaving much space to process our own experiences.

For most of us, we've forgotten the sacred act of feeling our own energy… how to intuitively process information and allow those sensations to communicate with us in a language the thinking mind doesn't always understand.

To do this, we must connect. We must settle into the embrace of our parasympathetic nervous system that allows us to rest and digest, and build a relationship with the light of information found only in the subconscious mystery of stillness.

In grounding, we connect with our roots.

In embodiment, we connect with our instincts.

In ritual, we connect with our intuition.

All are tools to connect with OURSELVES.

Join the circle weekly, or drop in whenever you feel called. We'll be moving our bodies, discovering our breath, and exploring the healing power of a quiet mind.

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Grounded Embodied Ritual