Wellness Prescription

Are you ready to hear the message? Receive guidance for the journey? I can write you a prescription from my practice…

Whether you have a specific question or are just opening up to general advice, I will tap call in the message you need.

Choose either a three card spread: a message for your Mind|Body|Soul or, The Wheelhouse: a five element card spread that allows me to draw a more specific interpretation.

You will receive a picture of your cards, my intuitive reading, and resources for further exploration.

Please include your birthday.

This is a tool to take life back into your own hands, and help you discover the answer that you seek.

I will email you a PDF of your wellness prescription in 1-4 business days. It will include both a Visual & Reading. 

Prescription : Mind/Body/Soul $22

Prescription : The Wheelhouse $33



Wellness Coaching

What is stuck in your life that needs unsticking? Why does the energy move this way? How is it showing up in your body? Where is it living in your mind?

I can help you navigate this.

Wellness coaching is one on one, intentional conversation, where we work through emotional, physical, and energetic blockages, in order to make space for healthy living to flow through. Working from the ground up, we explore the roots of your habits: how they’ve grown and where they can transform from here.


  • Free Consultation

  • 60 minute sessions (virtual): $100

  • 30 minute check-ins (virtual): $60

  • Bundle: $125 (3 sessions minimum)



Sacred Wellness

Welcome to a world of magic: a true work of wellness.

Sacred Sessions blend a potion of healing for the mind body and soul.

We gather to breathe, move, and practice embodiment together.

What these sessions look like:

  • Ritual & Ceremony

  • Yoga & Movement

  • Meditation & Breath Work

  • Energetic Body Work

  • Coaching and Guidance