Wellness Prescription

If you're curious about my work, and want to sample a unique & artistic approach to holistic wellness, then this will be your first stop.

I use the Tarot and other oracle divination tools for guidance. Weaving in the research of planetary movements allows me to understand larger energies at play. Taking notes from mother nature, and reflecting on ancient lessons of the Ayurvedic medical system, I will decipher your own unique prescription. This is an offering to take your wellness back into your own hands. I can provide direction, but it is up to you to decide which path you're going to walk.

I will email you a PDF of your wellness prescription in 1-4 business days. It will include a visual of your card reading and my personal interpretation. It will also introduce resources for further learning and exploration, recommendation for specialists in the field, and natural remedies to help sooth the soul. 

Prescription : Mind/Body/Soul $18  

Prescription : The Wheelhouse $33



Wellness Coaching

I've found my own greatest fulfillment guiding others towards holistic, holy, wellness. I can be your ally on this life long journey of feeling vibrant, happy, and free. 

One on one, intentional conversation, where we work through emotional, physical, and energetic blockages, in order to make space for healthy living to flow. Working from the ground up, we'll explore the roots of our own organic seed, and grow a life stemmed from honest well-being. When we weave the old with the new, we are able to write a new story for ourselves that transcends everything we ever thought was possible.


  • 60 minute sessions (virtual): $100

  • 30 minute check-ins (virtual): $60

  • Discounted packages available and recommended.

    • One 60 minute & four 30 minute sessions: $312

    • Two 60 minute & eight 30 minute: $600



Wellness Witching

Welcome to my personal world of magic: the true weave of my particular wellness work.

In these Sacred Sessions we pull from the teachings of many different lineages, and blend a potion of healing for the mind, body, and soul. This practice is something different, unique, and entirely of our own conjuring. You can set the tone or I can move forward from my own intuition. With either approach, we will maintain a path of spirited guidance so that you get exactly what you need.

What these sessions could look like:

  • Ritual & Ceremony
  • 1x1 Yoga & Movement Instruction
  • Meditation & Breath Work
  • Energetic Body Work
  • Coaching and Guidance
  • Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consulting



  • Single 60 minute sessions (virtual): $111

  • Elemental Package: $333

    • Four, 60 minute, sessions: Earth, Fire, Water, Air