Energetic Upgrade

A Chakra Focused Program for Energetic Health


When was the last time you studied something that was solely, and whole heartedly, all about YOU? This is your opportunity to enroll in the higher education system of your inner wisdom: where the work you do is for you, and can support you to graduate in all areas of your life.

Energetic Upgrade is a journey into the seven primary energy centers that organize, influence, and sometimes disrupt our lives. Called Chakras in the Yogic tradition: these are the wheels that propel our human experience and tell our story.


This virtual program will power up your reserves to take on life with a whole new capacity, allow you to access a channel of knowledge that continues to teach long after the initial download, and shows you how to be the wheel spinner rather than always being spun around by the wheel.

Divinely aligned and right on time: Energetic Upgrade is here to show you the way.

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Experience the teaching of each chakra with a practice:

  • Meditation

  • Breathwork

  • Yoga (Restorative and Standing options available)

*Sent out weekly to be done on your own time

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Learn the teaching of each chakra with a live call:

  • Virtual Classroom

  • Take Notes

  • Ask Questions

* Zoom Call is recorded and sent out after each session

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Integrate the teaching of each chakra with a self analysis:

  • Journal Prompt

  • h’OM’e Work

  • Sharing*

*An online forum will be available to connect with fellow participants.

Program Details

virtual, Sustainable, adaptable

  • November 1- December 21

  • Live calls: every Sunday at 5:00 PST (recording to be sent out after)

    • Exception: Week One

      • Introduction video sent Friday, November 1st

      • Live call ROOT will be Tuesday, November 5th

  • Practice: sent out weekly, to be completed on your own time

  • Download: sent out weekly, to be completed on your own time

Nothing is mandatory, each level is an offering to go deeper.

Program Cost

Level One: $88

  • 7 live calls, 7 practices, 7 downloads

Level Two: $144

  • Includes Level One

  • Plus an Energetic Reading

    • Dive deeper by receiving a personal snapshot of your 7 energy centers at the beginning AND end of the program sent directly to your email.

    • A virtual reading of your energy body offers valuable insight into where you were at when this journey began and where you landed at its completion.

Level Three: $222

  • Includes Level One

  • Includes Level Two

  • Plus a Private Coaching Session

    • We will review your Energetic Reading, talk through any questions or insights, and create an action plan to sustain your upgrade post program.

Sign Up

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